Anonymous asked: I hope your friend is released soon. I'm thinking of her and hope she's safe. You stay safe too x

Inshallah she will.

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Beirut indie band Mashrou’ Leila become the first regional artists to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone in the next issue, on shelves Sunday.

"Smell the Jasmin & remember to remember me.. Smell the Jasmin & remember to forget me"

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Two words

Fuck Israel

Hate this.

Hate this.


This is Mariam Barghouti. She is 20 years old and studies English and psychology at Birzeit University. Her favorite color is lime green and loves to read. She has a habit of looking high or having her eyes squinted whenever someone takes a picture of her, but not in this picture. Mariam is my best friend.

Last Friday, April 11, she attended a protest in Nabi Saleh. While she was leaving, she was stopped by Israeli Occupying soldiers and arrested with another woman based on slanderous testimonies made by Israeli soldiers. They were both taken to a police station where they underwent interrogation. The other woman that held the Jerusalem ID was able to be released on bail while Mariam, who holds a West Bank ID, was not. She was was falsely accused of throwing rocks.

Her first court hearing was held yesterday at Ofer. Her arrest was extended until Wednesday where her court hearing will continue. Everyone, please keep Mariam in your thoughts and pray for her immediate release.

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Anonymous asked: That entry about the Apartheid walls and the view of Jerusalem. It's beautifully written :,)

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The Truth About the Refugees. 


Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the issue of refugees in the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

 The video explains the reason there are still refugees after more than six decades is because of Arab leaders’ recalcitrance to accept their brethren and the United Nations which created a separate agency with unique principles and criteria. 

The video also highlights the issue of the Jewish refugees who were forced out of their homes in the Arab world, and were subsequently absorbed by the State of Israel

This is such an absurd video. Anyone that buys into this propaganda must be stupid beyond measure. Let me just quickly point out the flaws in this video.

  • Now, this Danny guy begins the story starting off with May 1948 as Arab countries join arms against Israel. I find it quite unreliable to start off with this story. Danny doesn’t give any historical context whatsoever. He refuses to mention anything about the Nakba, which was the result of this newly established state. He leaves out all the massacres that have taken place against the Palestinians. He neglects every historical aspect to this equation just to paint an innocent state that was born out of nowhere.  
  • Danny then uses the victimizing card as he begins to explains all the Jewish refugees coming from Arab countries. However, this tactic if flawed because he’s legitimizing the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes. Basically saying: Let’s punish Palestinians and expel them from their homes! After all, we were expelled from our homes as well.  Notice how Danny neglects to mention Jewish refugees fleeing from Europe. 
  • It is also quite funny how he’s saying that these Jewish refugees were “absorbed” into society. He did not mention that without these refugees, there would be no society to be absorbed into. These refugees made up society. 
  • A refugee is defined as someone UNABLE or UNWILLING to return to their or to avail themselves of its protection on account of a well founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular group or opinion.
  • The UNRWA and UNHCR have completely different mandates. The UNRWA assists Palestinians with jobs, education, health and relief, and social services. It has NO responsibility of the establishment of camps.
  • Now the General Assembly didn’t make up anything new in article 194. It just insures the right of return, along with reparation and compensation. IT DID NOT CREATE THE RIGHT OF RETURN. It just restates International Law
  • In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it states “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”(Article 13.2) Within the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights, it state:”No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country.” (article 12.4)
  • Now many many Palestinian refugees DID try to return a couple of years after the Nakba. Palestinian refugees have always longed to return to their homeland. Yet they weren’t allowed to return to their homes because their homes were replaced by these Jewish refugees. 
  • So despite all this propaganda, any refugee  under international law, is allowed to return back to their home, Palestinians included.  The video neglects international law. 12 million other refugees around the world were able to return their home. People like Bosnians, Ethiopians, etc…but not Palestinians. Why weren’t Palestinians refugees allowed to return home?  
  • And if Palestinian refugees decide not to, Israel is still in their debt through compensation(money) and  restitution(property). Israel still has to cover reparations, being tangible and non-tangible. 

This video is full of propaganda. Having Israel victimizing itself, it’s utter bullshit. This video shouldn’t be called “The Truth About the Refugees” it should be called “Typical Zionist Propaganda”.


Every day on my way to college, I pass by the Israeli apartheid wall that pollutes my view of Jerusalem. But today was different. Today, while passing this fascist wall, I actually caught a glimpse of the Dome of the Rock. It stood there peacefully amidst the Old City, and for a few seconds, while enjoying the view, the occupation evaporated. It was only me and this view.

But that’s the thing, as these few seconds quickly died,the occupation was resurrected. The view disappeared, and I was shocked back to reality.

The sight was depressingly beautiful, knowing that this wall was our barrier.

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