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Short, yet moving video about the forgotten Palestinian hunger strikers, Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawneh, with heartbreaking interviews from their family members.

Samer and Ayman, both dying to live…


Egypt has stated it will be receiving hunger striker, Samer AlBarq who has been on hunger strike for over 115 days. He will then be released and sent to his wife that lives in Pakistan. 

Three Hunger Striking Palestinians Prisoners May Die, Says Red Cross ›

Three Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike may die, the International Red Cross warned on Friday in a rare statement to the press. The three are Samer Al Barak, who has been on hunger strike for 117 days, Hassan Safadi, who has been on hunger strike for 87 days and Ayman Sharavna, who has been on hunger strike for 77 days. The three are at the Israel Prison Service clinic in Ramle.

Aside from the Israel Prison Service doctors, the Red Cross is the only body that has regularly visited the hunger striking prisoners. The organization usually prefers to express its opinion on the conditions of prisoners in private conversations with officials, and only rarely publishes these opinions in the press.

The latest Red Cross press release, in which the organization expressed its concern over the deterioration in the medical condition of the three prisoners, indicates the severity of the situation.

Earlier this week, a doctor from the organization Physicians for Human Rights visited the three. The hunger strikers do not trust Prison Service doctors, and are asking for check-ups by an objective physician, who is not subject to the management of the prison service and the Interior Ministry who appointed them.

The doctor reported of a clear deterioration in the condition of the hunger strikers. They are suffering from loss of energy (movement in the large muscle groups), significant muscle depletion, dizziness, low blood pressure, slow pulse, blurred vision, bleeding gums and a fungal infection in the mouth cavity. Despite this, they are being required to carry out daily activities, including showering, with no assistance. They told the doctor about the great physical effort it takes them to carry out activities, and that they often fall due to dizziness and fainting.

Once in a while they are transferred to the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. On Wednesday, Lawyer Jawad Boulos, head of the legal department of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, visited Safadi, who was hospitalized there the day before. He found him restrained to the bed with bith his legs secured to the bed surrounded by four prison service guards. Safadi has been on hunger strike 77 days this year, which he ended together with the rest of the Palestinian prisoners after an agreement was reached with the Prison Service and the Shin Bet. Due to the policy of fastening prisoners to the bed Sharavna is refusing to go to Assaf Harofeh for medical examinations any more.

Boulos said in statement to the Red Cross that any solution must account for the resolution adopted by the World Medical Association asserting that prisoners are to be permitted to accept or refuse feeding or medical care.

On Thursday, Physicians for Human Rights sent a letter to Dr. Benjamin Davidson, director of Assaf Harofeh, CEO of the Health Ministry Prof. Roni Gimzo, Dr. David Alligor replacement chief medical officer of the Israeli Prison Service, and Dr. Leonid Eidelman chairman of the Israeli Medical

Palestinian youths taking part in a march in Jerusalem in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. Sep 08 2012.

Photo by Sliman Khader

Urgent: Hunger striker Hassan Safadi’s head violently slammed against cell door by prison guards ›

After refusing to be moved, the Israeli prison guards attacked both Mr. Safadi and Mr. Al-Barq. During the attack, Mr. Safadi’s head was slammed against the iron door of the cell two times, causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious. Prison guards then dragged him through the hall to be seen by all the other prisoners. Later that night, at around 10:00 pm, Mr. Safadi and Mr. Al-Barq were taken to a new isolation room with no mattresses. 

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Bilal Thiab finally released after a 79 day hunger strike! 3u2bal Samer w Hasan!

Doctor and lawyer visits to hunger strikers reveal mistreatment by Israeli Prison Service ›

Ramallah-Jaffa7 August 2012 — Four Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli detention remain steadfast in their open hunger strikes as their health conditions continue to deteriorate. Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Al-Haq and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-IL) are particularly concerned for the lives of administrative detainees Samer Al-Barq and Hassan Safadi, who have been on protracted hunger strikes and are subject to consistent mistreatment at the hands of the Israeli Prison Service (IPS).

Addameer lawyer Fares Ziad visited Mr. Al-Barq and Mr. Safadi in Ramleh prison medical center two days ago, 5 August, and a PHR-IL doctor was also able to visit them on 2 August.
Mr. Al-Barq is currently on his 78th day of renewed hunger strike, directly following his previous 30-day hunger strike. According to an affidavit taken by Mr. Ziad, Mr. Al-Barq was transferred from Ramleh to Ofer military court on 31 July by IPS special forces, orNahshon, known for their particularly brutal treatment of prisoners during transfers. During this transfer, the special forces ordered Mr. Al-Barq to walk, and when he told them that he could not, they beat him on his legs. They eventually brought him a wheelchair but did not help him, so he was forced to crawl to the chair and wheel it himself.
Mr. Safadi, who is now on his 48th day of renewed hunger strike, following his previous 71-day hunger strike, also recounted a disturbing incident to Mr. Ziad. On 30 July, five Israeli soldiers raided his room. They first tore his pillow before starting to insult him and beat him all over his body, leaving his left leg injured. Mr. Safadi noted that his room is searched three or four times each day in a violent manner, though he is held in a small isolation cell with only his clothes. He and Mr. Al-Barq are now held together in this cell, which is only about 1.5 by 1.8 meters in size, with no windows or ventilation.
Mr. Safadi elaborated to the PHR-IL doctor it was only after he complained to guards that it was hard to breathe in his cell that they immediately brought Mr. Al-Barq to share the tiny cell with him. Furthermore, there is no space in the room for the wheelchair that is being used by both hunger strikers for everyday activities, including the use of shower and toilet. After he again protested these conditions and treatment, he and Mr. Al-Barq were both beaten.
In the PHR-IL doctor’s visit on 2 August, the IPS doctor noted that Mr. Al-Barq and Mr. Safadi are often refusing any treatments such as minerals and vitamins. Both of them told the doctor that they are doing so as a last resort to protest against the humiliating and violent treatment by IPS staff. Since Ramadan began on 20 July, they drink water only at night. The two hunger strikers are also refusing to give blood tests during Ramadan due to religious adherence. During the visit, the IPS would not allow the independent doctor to examine the hunger strikers without the presence of IPS staff, in violation of the Israeli Patients’ Rights Law. An IPS paramedic was present in the examination room and at some point also brought other patients into the room.
The doctor reported that both Mr. Al-Barq and Mr. Safadi were fully conscious and aware during the visit. Though during the past days he was accepting some minerals and vitamins, Mr. Al-Barq told the doctor that he plans to stop all treatment because of the beating. He suffers from weakness and general pain in his body with no specific origin. Due to a slow pulse he was sent to the emergency room in Assaf Harofeh hospital but was released without recommendations for treatment. Mr. Safadi currently suffers from vertigo, especially when he attempts to stand, and pain on the left side of his rib cage.
The PHR-IL doctor commented following the visit that there is “reason to believe that in the future the health of the two strikers will deteriorate, and therefore their condition requires special attention and close monitoring.” He further noted that he believed the hunger strikers should be examined by an impartial doctor once a week, without any restrictions such as needing court orders for permission.
Notably, two other Palestinian political prisoners are also currently on hunger strike: Ayman Sharawna and Samer Al-Issawi, on days 38 and 7 respectively. Both were released in last October’s prisoner exchange deal and subsequently re-arrested.

Addameer, Al-Haq and PHR-IL are outraged by the mistreatment and violent attacks on Palestinian prisoners in general, and especially in the cases of these fragile hunger strikers. Addameer, Al-Haq and PHR-IL urge the international community to intervene with Israel on behalf of these detainees before their conditions deteriorate even further and demand:
  • that the agreements reached on 14 and 15 May 2012 be respected, including the release of administrative detainees who were promised release at the end of their current orders;
  • that the terms of the prisoner exchange deal be fully respected and that prisoners released in the deal not be rearrested by Israel;
  • that Hassan Safadi, Samer Al-Barq and Omar Abu Shalal,  along with all other administrative detainees, be immediately and unconditionally released;
  • unrestricted access for independent physicians to all hunger strikers.

Protest in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian Prisoners, Nablus, West Bank, 29.7.2012

Palestinians Protest in the West Bank city of Nablus in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who are still on hunger strike; Samer Barq, Hassan Safadi, Ayman Sharawna and Raed Jamal, July 29,2012.

Akram Rikhawi is on his 100th day of hunger strike.

Ramadan Kareem!

إم أكرم بتنادي، وينك يا شعب بلادي

Akram Rikhawi is about to enter his 95th day on hunger strike and yet still don’t hear anything about him on the news. 

Ramallah peeps:


Another protest tomorrow  Today, July 14th at 5:00pm at duwar elsa3a. 

Only Palestinian flags. 

Kay thanks. 

Ramallah peeps:

Another protest tomorrow (July 14th) at 5:00pm at duwar elsa3a. 

Only Palestinian flags. 

Kay thanks. 

If anyone is in Ramallah today:


There will be a demonstration at duwar elsa3a at 5:00pm. Everyone should come out and support the remaining Palestinian prisoners held in Zionist jail cells. 

AGAAAAAAAAIN. Everyone should join us. 

ra7 ensaker elshaware333333333333

If anyone is in Ramallah today:

There will be a demonstration at duwar elsa3a at 5:00pm. Everyone should come out and support the remaining Palestinian prisoners held in Zionist jail cells. 

الاضراب مستمر

 Akram Rikhawi and Samer AlBarq are still on hunger strike.

Demonstration tomorrow in Ramallah (Duwar el Sa3a) at 5:00pm.